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About Us

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ZEMAK (Macedonian Energy Association) with it's existence in this last decade the energy association established itself in science and special places in R. Macedonia as an expert association with one basic cause, to follow, promote and support energetically sources in the state. Considering energy as a basic industry it has an ultimate role in development and promotion of the other industries and it represents basics for sustainable economy development of one state, in fact energy takes an exclusive place in the economy structure. That is why, ZEMAK has a historically significant, responsible and permanent role as an incentive, it is a promoter and initiator for solving all-important questions, which are connected directly or indirectly with the energy development of the state, and entire economy development. Big Image
Having in mind this and the past continuance, ZEMAK has need of organizing national and international consulting seminars on which directly in presence of domestic and foreign experts from energetic field will initiate, debate and resolve all the actual questions for the present situation in the state, modern world trends will be analyzed and finding resolutions for their implementation in the Macedonian energy development and promotion. For that cause, we suggest continuance of the already established ZEMAK working program and we like this year the 16th regular international consulting to be held. We want on this seminar to gather everyone who wants to show and tell about the energy industry in Macedonia, our neighbors and wider and we want this consulting to be under topic which will give widespread opportunities for presentations and discussions of interesting topics that are connected with energy.
As a main title we suggest “ENERGY-2010”,  with the tendency this topic to be constant, and engaging actual fields and topics that will be from great significance for Macedonia during this Consulting and the modern tendencies will be considered. In future the only thing changing will be the year, as an indicator of how the conditions will be that year.

Our opinion about this consulting is that it does not limit the boundaries of ZEMAK’s interests. On contrary, the basic target of these consulting seminars is to create and promote wide spheres of interest and engagement of number of experts that are working daily on these kinds of problems, and we want to find different ways to promote the energy industry and people that are in charge for its development and its implementation in the industry and economical living our country. Together with this seminar, ZEMAK does not take its hands off, on contrary it wants to contribute with all the means that it has, like new experts and wide specter of activities, to help resolving the bitter problems in energy industry in Macedonia. The already established tradition of sharply defined and ultimately specific working meetings, which will last one or two days and where only the most exclusive topics will be considered, will not be interrupted by any circumstance, on contrary it will be enforced. Finally, the energy situation, which the Macedonian economy faces, asks from us total involvement in energy industry and in resolving the energy problems.